Tuesday, January 12, 2010

When's That Baby Due?

As Austin Travis' due date rapidly approaches, I feel like I owe it to you, our faithful readers, to update our little boy's development, as well as our preparations for him.

Our last appointment with Holly's OB was last Wednesday. The ultrasound looked very good: four-chamber heart, healthy spine, breathing, and other very promising developments. He's still a bit bigger than his original due date (March 4) would indicate. The doctor's estimation is around February 24, but it's still very up in the air.

Now is the time when I become a bit of a corporate shill, but the corporation in this case is my budding family, so I hope you will be as down with it as I am.

Holly and I have registered at Target and Babies R Us, and both registries are available to view online. Just search Holly's name on each site and it should come up without a problem. Please feel free to browse around these registries with no obligation to buy. (Now I sound like the Oreck vacuum guy. Oh well...)

More updates as they become available. Thanks to all for their love and support of our little guy.

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