Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm On Team Conan

Photo created by Mike Mitchell

Two posts in one day?!? I know--I'm as shocked as you are. I really needed to say my piece here, though.

I am probably more interested in late-night television than most people I know, what with my Letterman experiences and all. As such, I have taken a particular interest in NBC's current late-night quagmire.

This goes beyond liking or disliking Conan or Jay's material, and even beyond ratings. I personally have been a fan of Conan's for years and watch him every night, but that's not the reason I'm on his side.

This is a matter of honor. NBC has sullied its honor as a network by going back on their pre-arranged agreement with Conan, and that's that. What changed between the time the deal was struck six years ago and now, other than Jay's curmudgeoney-ness and a dip in ratings that is probably more Jay's fault than Conan's?

Most blogonauts would probably try to suggest a boycott of NBC or something, but I just couldn't cut it. Holly and I watch several NBC shows which we love: The Office, Community, Mercy (the best show you're not watching, by the way), and The Biggest Loser, among others. All I want from you is to read Conan's statement and put yourself in his shoes.

Feel free to leave your responses below.


  1. I'm with CoCo too. I may have to still that image, BTW, for my blog. They gave Conan a measly 7 months as Tonight Show host. The ratings aren't his fault. Not only does the 9 p.m. time slot suck, but perhaps its just Leno. Many people are tired of him. Poor form, NBC. Leno should've taken the high road and left, instead of sticking it to Conan. I thought Conan's statement showed a lot of class. See you over at Fox, Conan!

  2. Totally agree with ya, Sparky. Conan rocks. And there is NO WAY that this girl is ever watching Leno again. But like you, I can't boycott NBC because Tina Fey is too funny on 30 Rock.