Sunday, September 6, 2009

Music and the Blogged Word-September 6th Edition

Music for this blog post is provided by a group of BYU fans in Dallas over the weekend.

Obviously, all the buzz in our neck of the woods is BYU's phenomenal win over Oklahoma last night. I wrote an article on the game which is now on the website for The Daily Universe.

Even after the game, you could tell that BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall had his priorities in order, and expressed hope that those back in Provo would, also.

At the end of his postgame radio show on KSL Radio, play-by-play man Greg Wrubell mentioned that the Cougars would probably make it back to Provo at about 2 AM or so. Mendenhall chuckled and said that he hoped there wouldn't be too many people out there so that they could get plenty of sleep and get to church in the morning.

Even though it's a half-joke, I found it fascinating that Bronco was still himself, even though this big event had just taken place. It didn't change him, make him power-hungry or prideful. He has his feet firmly on the ground.

That is why Bronco is here to stay.

Again we leave you, from within the shadows of the everlasting bookcases...

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